Future Plans

There are so many needs in Uganda, which we want to address and we are continuously working with the local community to develop new projects that will offer education and reduce poverty for the children and young people. Any projects we undertake have to be cost effective, have maximum impact and have a long term sustainable. Over the next few years we would like to develop our school in Mugiti to become an agricultural vocational training centre for the young people, which will allow them to not only gain academic education but also the agricultural skills to reduce poverty. The project will also involve the construction of an accommodation block/ facilities for the poorest students/orphans and the teachers, which will ensure the agricultural project is successful and managed appropriately. Even though this is ambitious, we have the community support, the plans, desire and the belief to make it happen, but now we just need to raise the funds.

    Agricultural Project

    School Kitchen - Bumba Foundation Acadamy in Mugiti

    The current kitchen in our community school in Mugiti was built using left over wood and off cuts of iron sheets, which has been appropriate as a temporary measure; however this isn’t suitable for the look term. We plan to construct a small kitchen which will has a cooking room with an energy saving local stove, a storage room and a small room for the cook, which will cost approximately £5,500. The kitchen will provide the children with breakfast and lunch, and will relate to less than £1.50 a child over the next 10 years of the facility.

      Nursery Classrooms – Bumba Foundation Community School in Mugiti

      The 2015 main Bumba Foundation project was to build the two Nursery buildings for our community schools in Iki Iki and Mugiti. With 50% of the funds raised for the project we were able to construction the first of the two buildings in Iki Iki and we are currently applying for funds and fundraising for the additional 50% of the project funds to construct the second building. The new project involves the construction of a 2 classroom building which will have a temporary classroom partition and will allow the building to have joint purpose of a community hall.

        Playground areas – Mugiti and Iki Iki

        At both schools we are providing excellent classroom facilities but there is a need to provide playground facilities for the younger children to support their physical and mental development. Each school will need to secure a playground facility and install swings, slides and equipment to stimulate the children in their adolescent development. The proposed budget at each school is £4,500.