About The Bumba Foundation

Charity Overview

The Bumba Foundation was set up as a charity at the end of 2011 to create opportunities for young people through the development of educational projects.


The Bumba Foundation aims to provide the opportunities to inspire and develop young people and communities to take positive action. Through youth based projects the Bumba Foundation will provide the opportunity for young people to develop their skills to support community resilience and reduce vulnerability. The Bumba Foundation will develop projects through partnerships, which will enable young people to take positive action through education to support communities. The projects will be time limited but focused on education and developing community cohesion. The projects will develop leadership skills and provide young people with the opportunity to make a positive contribution to society.

Bumba Foundation Schools / Community Ownership

The Bumba Foundation schools are successfully run by community management teams and supported by appropriate business processes, which are continuously developed to ensure the local needs are managed, there is accountability and the running of the schools is sustainable. The community management team ensures there is a continuous programme of research and monitoring which is also supported by our programme of evaluation visits. In 2013 we conducted a research project with the community, the local and national government in Uganda, which highlighted the challenges in providing primary education in Uganda and demonstrated how the Bumba Foundation Academy community schools model does provide an innovative and viable solution to sustainable quality education in Uganda.

General Information

Background: In 2011 the trustee’s agreed to set up the Bumba Foundation as an official charity. The trustees have been working with friends, supporters and organisations since 1997, to make a difference to communities in the North West of England and in Uganda. This work has had a positive impact on the lives of many young people and communities.